Kate Gould, Middle East Specialist, Friends Committee on National Legislation:

“Wish I could be there to raise my glass to you all. MPP is the definition of outside the beltway peace advocacy at its finest....I know I say it all the time but I'll say it again – it's a model that should be emulated in every state!”

Rep. Nolan staffer:

“Our staff refers to the Minnesota Peace Project as our Foreign Policy Committee.”

Rep. Nolan staffer:

“We depend on the Minnesota Peace Project to let us know when there's a bill we should be aware of.”

Lara Friedman, Americans for Peace Now, in an Email to leaders of national peace Groups:

“Has anyone reached out to Roxanne Abbas et al in the Minnesota Peace Project to contact Franken?  They are extraordinarily effective grassroots activists...”

Sammy Clark, Senator Klobuchar’s State Director:

“Minnesota Peace Project is one of our top priority constituent groups. Often the groups we see represent a cacophony of sides; often even opposing sides. You’re well organized, and we appreciate hearing one clear voice on this issue.”

Rep. Paulsen’s Director of Constituent Services, John-Paul Yates, praised MPP and its approach:

“I cited MPP yesterday to a demanding constituent group as an example of how effective a constituent group could be. Your group listens, speaks respectfully, and brings something of value to meetings.”

Robert Naiman, Policy Director, Just Foreign Policy,
responding to report on meeting with Rep. Ellison:

“Thanks for this fascinating report. You guys (MPP) are doing a fantastic job of engagement, as I'm sure you know.”

About Minnesota Peace Project

The Minnesota Peace Project, founded in 2009, is an independent non-profit organization that strives to build a more peaceful world by working with our members of Congress to reject militarism as a means to resolve differences.

We support continuous efforts of diplomacy and developmental aid to build and maintain mutually beneficial relations with all nations.

The Minnesota Peace Project is comprised of 10 teams of volunteer constituents that work with each of Minnesota’s 10 members of Congress and their Foreign Policy Aides.  Our members are skilled in the use of re3spectful dialog and differentiating facts from opinion.  We believe that militarism and armed intervention well never bring the peace and security we all seek.

MPP's Guiding Principles

  • Use dialog to build mutual understanding
  • Build long-term relationships with Congress members & staffs
  • Become a trusted source of valid information
  • Differentiate information from opinion
  • Strictly non-partisan
  • Collaborate with other peace groups
Rep. McCollum greets the MPP Team in D.C.

Recent Accomplishments

  • MPP members from across the state traveled to D.C. to meet with our Members of Congress and their Foreign Policy Aides. We explored our differences on key foreign policy issues such as nuclear disarmament, Israel’s occupation of Palestine, the military budget and tensions with other world powers.
  • An MPP member worked closely with Senator Klobuchar’s office and the Constitution Project to author a bill outlawing torture. Their bill received bipartisan support and was signed into law.
  • After we explained how Saudi Arabia was using U.S. manufactured arms against Yemeni civilians, Senator Franken co-sponsored a bill to freeze all sales of U.S. arms to the Saudis.
  • Our persistent advocacy helped convince Senators Franken and Klobuchar to vote in favor of the Iran nuclear deal.
  • We provided regular information to all 10 Members about the illegal and tragic Israel occupation of Palestine. Several of our Members have modified their positions, we believe, as a result of our work with them. Rep. McCollum is now considered by many as THE strongest voice in Congress for a just peace.
  • We established a close working relation with the Ethiopian community in working to alleviate gross human rights violation of the Oromo people. We worked with Congress Members Klobuchar, Franken, Paulsen, Emmer and Ellison to gain their public objections to the treatment of Oromos.  Senator Franken pledged to work to insert language requiring evidence of human rights progress in the next year’s appropriations bill.

MPP's Board of Directors