Erik Paulsen

Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-MN)

Washington D.C. Office

127 Cannon HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515

District Office

250 Prairie Center Drive, Suite 230
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Positions on MPP Peace Agenda and give voting record, position papers, etc.

A. Resolve international and civil conflicts through diplomacy:

  1. Engage diplomatically with other nations to resolve conflicts.
  2. Rep. Paulsen’s support for sanctions on Iran is due to supporting “a diplomatic solution to find a peaceful end to Iran’s nuclear weapons program” – 7/14/15

    Rep. Paulsen voted against the Lee amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to appoint a Special Envoy for diplomacy with Iran; lift the no contact ban that currently bars U.S. diplomats from talking with their Iranian counterparts; and prohibit a pre-emptive attack on Iran without congressional authorization. – 5/18/12

  3. Promote stability by replacing US military aid with development aid.
  4. Rep. Paulsen is a co-sponsor of H.R. 2139, the Initiating Foreign Assistance Reform Act 2009, which places great emphasis on aid effectiveness and the need to better coordinate U.S. foreign aid programs by requiring increased transparency.

  5. Support resolution of the Israeli Palestinian conflict through determined, balanced and multilateral diplomacy.
  6. Rep. Paulsen co-sponsored H.Res. 867 which “calls on the President and the Secretary of State to oppose unequivocally any endorsement or further consideration of the ‘Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict’.” This report find both Palestine and Israel guilty of human rights violations.

    “I have not spoken with Representative Paulsen on the settlement issue but he believes that Israel is its own sovereign nation, he also believes that a two state solution is a viable option that should be left on the table.” – Noah Jacobson, Legislative Director, 7/23/09

    “Israel has been and will continue to be, one of our strongest allies in the world.” – Noah Jacobson, Legislative Director, 7/23/09

B. Build an infrastructure for peace and prosperity:

  1. Develop and strengthen alternatives to military force such as civilian peacekeeping forces, diplomacy, mediation and conflict resolution, and significantly grow the US diplomatic corps.
  2. Representative Paulsen gave a speech on the floor of the House about H.Res. 128 which calls for supporting respect for human rights and encouraging inclusive government in Ethiopia. He joined the seven other MN House members in co-sponsoring this resolution. The resolution passed in the House on April 10, 2018.

  3. Commit the US to strengthening the United Nations and approving agreements and treaties such as the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that reduce the risk of war.
  4. I opposed the President’s request for military intervention in Syria because it was too broad, too open-ended, too risky, and does not identify a clear U.S. national interest. I believe the appropriate course of action is for the United States to lead an international effort to prosecute those responsible for the use of chemical weapons for war crimes before an international criminal tribunal. I am cosponsoring a bipartisan resolution that calls for an immediate ceasefire in Syria and directs the President to work with the international and U.N. Security Council to investigate and prosecute war crimes committed by both the Syrian government and the rebel groups. – 9/10/13, Constituent letter

    Representative Paulsen voted to deauthorize the U.S. Institute of Peace, established in 1984 as Title XXII of the 1985 Defense Authorization Act, signed by President Reagan and supported by General David Petraeus, Wesley Clark, Anthony Zinni, Mike Mullen, and Bob Gates. June 2011

  5. Commit to just and sustainable economic development strategies around the world.
  6. Rep. Paulsen voted for Free Trade Agreements with South Korea, Columbia and Panama. – October 2011

    Free trade is helpful. We should reduce trade barriers. Congressman Paulsen is working to establish cross-cultural relations with India and China through business, cultural, and educational programs. -Noah Jacobson, Legislative Director – 7/23/09

C. Dismantle the infrastructure that encourages militaristic responses to conflicts:

  1. Significantly reduce the US defense budget, increase its transparency and ensure the military is accountable for its defense expenditures.
  2. Rep. Paulsen continues to “support a strong national defense” because “we must also continue to improve our law enforcement, border security and immigration measures” –, July 2015

    Rep. Paulson voted no, along with 232 of his colleagues, on Rep. Schiff’s amendment to the NDAA to repeal the Authorization of the Use of Military Force. There were 191 votes for it. – 5/22/14

    In a time of tight budgets, the Department of Defense also needs to be scrutinized for reduced spending and has an obligation to taxpayers to efficiently operate its programs free of waste, fraud, and abuse. I support an ongoing examination of all areas of the defense budget, as well as our overseas commitments and military bases. I have also voted to cut excessive defense spending, including the funding of a second jet engine for the F22, which saved an estimated $3 billion. In addition, I voted this year to cut an additional $139 million in military spending and other various programs. – Constituent letter 7/23/13

    Rep. Paulsen voted against the Schiff Amendment which would have restricted the use of funds in the Military Appropriations Bill for any use of force under the legal rationale of the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) after December 31, 2014. Failed 185 – 236. – July 2013

    Rep. Paulsen voted against H.R. 403, the Mulvaney Amendment on Cutting War Funding, that ended up cutting $3.5 Billion from the Overseas Contingencies Operations, which provided broad funding for war – 7/24/13

    Rep. Paulsen voted in favor of a bill for funding to reduce the nuclear arsenal. – 6/14/13

    I believe in the need for transparency in the U.S. drone program. While drones have proved to be a valuable counter-terrorism asset, Congress needs to ensure the use of drones is both effective and legal. – Constituent letter 7/8/13

    Rep. Paulsen voted against the Mulvaney/Frank Amendment to cut $1.1B from the Defense Appropriations Bill. – 07/19/12

    Rep. Paulsen voted to transfer $17M from the troubled MOX plutonium program to secure or remove bomb-grade nuclear material around the world. – 6/06/12

    Congressman Paulsen strongly supports the need to keep our troops fully equipped. He has voted against continuing wasteful DOD spending every opportunity that came to the floor of the House. He is definitely interested in finding ways to decrease defense spending so long as it doesn’t impact our ability to defend the United States and our interests abroad. – Noah Jacobson, Legislative Director 8/31/10

    The massive federal spending increases are not solely due to war. (Maintaining military spending levels) is necessary because “we still have our troops over in Iraq & Afghanistan fighting for an important mission. – Noah Jacobson, Legislative Director, 7/23/09

    The Congressman was pleased that Congress passed and the President signed into law a ban on the exportation of cluster bombs and that there is a plan in place to reduce the number of dud bombs left behind. As far as military tactics, we believe those decisions should be made based on the needs and recommendations of Generals in the field. – Noah Jacobson, Legislative Director – 7/23/09

    I don’t advocate closing a lot of bases. – Congressman Paulsen, 4/08/09

  3. Reduce the number of military bases and military personnel in the U.S. and overseas.
  4. No related statements or votes have been found.

  5. Discontinue the practice of providing military equipment or training assistance to human rights abusers.
  6. Rep. Paulsen voted against the Moran Amendment to the NDAA to strike sections of the bill that would restrict funding for the transfer or release of detainees being held at the Guantanamo Bay prison to the United States or another sovereign country. Failed 175-247. – 7/24/13