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Positions on MPP Peace Agenda and give voting record, position papers, etc.

A. Resolve Conflicts through Diplomacy

  1. Promote stability in the Middle East by withdrawing all US military forces from the area, replacing US military aid with development aid and engaging diplomatically with all nations in the region.
  2. Rep. Emmer released the following statement regarding President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan’s address before Congress: “I was incredibly impressed by President Ghani and his love for his country and fellow countrymen. He celebrates a history of a successful people, who in more recent times have known only conflict. At times, turmoil in the region seems unending, but President Ghani wants the world to recognize the transformation taking place in Afghanistan and the optimism he has for a peaceful future. By emphasizing rule of law, fighting corruption, and encouraging friendship with the United States, I am hopeful that he will successfully overcome the daunting obstacles before him. I applaud his decision to come before Congress, and thank him for his insight and courageous leadership.” – Rep. Emmer’s website 3/25/15

  3. Implement the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran without additional sanctions, and restore diplomatic relations with Iran.
  4. Rep. Emmer voted for H.R. 1191, the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 in response to the fact that Pres. Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran was submitted to the United Nations Security Council, but not to Congress. During the review process – 30 days – sanctions on Iran could not be lifted – (July 2015)

    Rep. Emmer Grills Deputy Secretary of State on Nuclear Negotiations with Iran. – 3/19/2015 Blogpost (video).

    Rep. Tom Emmer, R-Minn., said he is angry that the administration will be seeking approval of any agreement from the United Nations Security Council but not from Congress. “It is not only disturbing, it’s wrong,” Emmer said. Lawmakers wanta bigger role for Congress in Iran deal. – USA Today online 3/19/15

  5. Support resolution of the Israeli Palestinian conflict through determined, balanced and multilateral diplomacy.
  6. Rep. Emmer attended Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech. With the Iranian nuclear deal approaching, U.S. allied Yemen falling to terrorists, the horrific violence by ISIL threatening regional security and Israeli and US interests, it’s absolutely necessary for Prime Minister Netanyahu to address Congress on the dire situation in the Middle East. It is imperative for Members of Congress to have open ears and an open mind for us to properly address these threats and their global impact. We must be able to listen to a world leader address the grave circumstances facing an ally in such trying times, regardless of political differences. – MPR News Capitol View Tom Scheck 2/10/15

  7. Limit US involvement in African nations' internal affair to strengthen civil society, support domestic development, and mediate domestic conflicts when disputing parties request assistance.
  8. WASHINGTON — GOP Rep. Tom Emmer and Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison said Tuesday they were joining together to launch a Somalia Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    The effort comes as the African country “emerges from decades of violent conflict and humanitarian crises,” the two said in a statement Tuesday.

    “We are committed to assisting the Somali government build on economic and security gains they have achieved,” the statement said. “Together, we represent some of the largest Somali-American communities in the United States; for us and the constituents we represent, Somalia is not a far off foreign policy issue, it’s a matter of domestic policy and national security.” – StarTribune 06.24.15

    Congressman Emmer returned from a trip to Kenya and Ethiopia in the spring of 2015. He said he had changed his mind about the benefits of foreign aid. Emmer now argues, foreign aid can be a win-win. It helps pave the way for development in other countries, boosting their economies and in turn creating demand for American exports in the future. He recounted how an encounter with a dairy co-op in Kenya that has been boosted by funding from the United States Agency for International Development helped show him the light. ‘A dollar spent on [foreign aid] is a dollar that we won’t have to spend on additional bombs and bullets and God forbid boots on the ground in the future,’Emmer noted.” – Think Progress article on web –
    May 14, 2015

  9. Continue normalization of relations with Cuba by lifting the trade embargo and closing the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.
  10. By all accounts the Cuban people are worse off today than when [the embargo] started. So clearly that’s not working, he said. And I’m supportive of engaging in diplomacy, starting to re-engage in diplomatic relations with Cuba, to begin that process to hopefully someday getting to normalize that relationship. But it’s two separate things. One, it’s diplomacy, and down the road is normalization. – Minnpost 2/6/15

B. Build an international infrastructure for peace and prosperity:

  1. Commit the US to strengthening the United Nations by becoming a signatory to the International Criminal Court and International Human Rights Treaties, respecting and upholding international law including military nonintervention, and promoting universal human rights.
  2. By serving on this subcommittee, I can provide oversight of U.S. operations to combat Ebola, work with international organizations such as the United Nations and Peace Corps, and craft American policy to improve economic and political relations with the continent that is home to some of the world’s fastest growing economies. commenting on his appointment to Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations.

  3. Develop and strengthen alternatives to military force such as civilian peacekeeping forces, mediation and conflict-resolution, and significantly grow the US diplomatic corps.
  4. Rep. Emmer voted against H.R. 347, 2015: Repeal the 2001 AUMF (Authorization for the Use of Military Force). This legislation would have prohibited the use of funds pursuant to the AUMF after December 31, 2015. The legislation failed – 6/11/2015

  5. Commit to just and sustainable economic development strategies.
  6. Rep. Emmer and Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-OH) released a statement supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with the understanding that the most effective means of diplomacy is through trade agreements and America’s trade surplus is “due to our inability to fully tap into developing regions along with a hesitation towards getting into additional trade agreements. This mentality of the past doesn’t work in the 21st century.” – Rep. Emmer’s website 5/4/2015

    After Rep. Emmer visited Ethiopia and Kenya, he views “aid can help countries prosper, which makes them and their citizens less likely to be threats to U.S. national security” – Slack, Donovan. “GOP Rep. Tom Emmer takes heat from right”. SCTimes. April 15, 2015

  7. Take a leadership role in international agreements on climate change, including reduction of emissions that cause global warming, and develop energy alternatives.
  8. Aside from approving the development of the Keystone Pipeline, little to no information on his website was found on environmental and energy-related issues. – March 2016

    When running for governor in 2010, Congressman Emmer was considered a climate change denier “Climate has been changing long before we got here and it will be changing long after we’re gone.” – Tom Emmer, Delano –

C. Dismantle the infrastructure that encourages militaristic response to conflicts:

  1. Significantly reduce the US defense budget, increase its transparency and ensure the military is accountable for its defense expenditures.
  2. Rep. Emmer states that “We must bring more accountability to the Department of Defense and work with defense contractors to bring costly programs within budget.” However, this was preceded by the statement “As emerging nations take aim at American military superiority, we must strive to protect proprietary information and advancements in weapons technology.” – Emmer’s website (July 2015)

    Congressman Emmer promotes military spending. “In an increasingly dangerous and unstable world, it is vital that our men and women in uniform have the appropriate resources necessary to defend our country. In our budget, Congress not only provides more for our troops, but unlike the President’s budget, actually pays for it. – Tom Emmer 5/28/15

  3. Negotiate and approve agreements and treaties such as the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, that reduce the risk of war.
  4. Not yet researched

  5. Reaffirm US commitment to the Geneva Conventions, US Rules of Engagement and US Code of Military Conduct.
  6. Rep. Emmer has voiced his belief that Guantanamo Bay should be kept open and running. Slack, Donovan. “GOP Rep. Tom Emmer takes heat from right”. SCTimes. April 15, 2015