Washington, D.C.– Congressman Erik Paulsen (MN-03) released the following statement regarding U.S.-Iran negotiations.

“With the most recent foreign policy news being focused on countries like Cuba, North Korea, and Syria, attention has been diverted from the very real threat that a nuclear Iran presents to a safer and more peaceful world. Throughout recent negotiations with the United States, Iranian leaders have received sanction relief in exchange for a lot of talk but little action.

“I support efforts to achieve a long-term, verifiable agreement that ends Iran’s nuclear weapons program, but I fear that Iran’s intentions are to obfuscate, delay, and extend the clock while it continues down the path of nuclear weapons capability.

“Because of its longtime history of arming and supporting terrorist organizations, a nuclear-armed Iran is not only a threat to our strongest Middle East ally, Israel, but also the United States.

“As a Member of Congress, I have strongly advocated for economic sanctions. These sanctions have had their intended effect on the Iranian economy and ultimately brought Iran to the negotiating table. Now is not the time for sanctions relief but for increased economic pressure. As we enter the new year, Congress should pass additional sanctions to further make it clear the world will not tolerate a nuclear-armed Iran.”