Rep. Nolan calls for end to “Nation Building”.

We need to stop pouring trillions of dollars into so-called “nation building” abroad and endless Middle East wars of choice in a region where we have no friends outside of Israel, and no national interest. Iraq, where we have spent more than $3 trillion, is a good example. For $1 trillion of those dollars, we could have graduated every college and vocational student in America debt free. For another $1 trillion, we could have repaired and rebuilt our roads, bridges, waterways, railroads and water treatment plants. And we could have used the other $1 trillion to help find cures for cancer and other dreadful diseases, develop alternative fuels, invest in human development and give middle class Americans a nice tax break. The war in Iraq has also left us rightly and correctly responsible for another $2 trillion to take care of our military Veterans – the great patriots who went there to serve our nation.