The conflict in Yemen has been raging on for nearly half a decade since Saudi Arabia, along with the help of other Gulf powers and the US and UK, intervened in the political situation of the country. The United States refueled the Saudi bombers on missions to bomb harbors and cities. The US and UK have readily supplied the Saudi forces despite clear evidence of mass civilian casualties and purposeful starvation of the Yemeni populace akin to genocide.

The US Senate made history in December 2018 when they passed SJRes7, the Yemen War Powers Resolution, to end unauthorized US military involvement in the Saudi war on Yemen. With new leadership in the House, the resolution passed there in March 2019. It was the first War Powers Resolution to pass in both chambers of Congress since the original passage of the War Powers Resolution in 1973.

The passage of this War Powers Resolution has created leverage for peace talks, is saving lives and could lead to an end to the war.

Saudi Arabia continues to be one of the worst countries violating human rights.  Such actions as murdering journalists, persecuting women and the Shiite minority, and the public beheading of dissidents is unacceptable and should not be ignored.  The Saudi regime very recently publicly executed thirty-seven citizens for various indiscretions, most notably, dissidents who gave confessions of guilt by means of torture.  Our continued support of a regime that behaves in this manner is inconsistent with the United States’ purported concern with human rights.  We must not continue to support a country that is so lacking in human rights.  

In spite of President Trump’s veto of the War Powers Resolution, Congress must continue to act to end U.S. involvement with Saudi Arabia in Yemen.  We must not let the President have the final word on this.  The Yemeni people are crying for justice as is the memory of Jamal Khashoggi.  We ask that you continue the effort to end this war, a war now declared by two Presidents but undeclared by Congress.