The Minnesota Peace Project (MPP) is a network of citizen activists working to build a more peaceful world by influencing US foreign policy through their Congressional Representatives.


Rep. Peterson with our D.C. delegation in April.


Jim Roth and Dick Dunn thank Senator Klobuchar for her support of the Iran deal.


MPP Team discusses the Iran deal with Rep. Nolan.


Rep. Ellison explains his positions to the MPP Team.


Rep. Walz confirms his conviction that War is Not the Answer


Rep. Paulsen meets regularly with Linda Thomson and her CD3 Team


Senator Franken is pleased to pose with the MPP delegation.


Meeting with Rep. Emmer


Cluster bombs for Saudi Arabia?

MN House members voted along party lines with Reps. Paulsen, Emmer and Kline opting to continue selling cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia. Walz, Ellison, McCollum, Peterson and Noland voted against the bill. Although the bill went down, human rights advocates pointed to the close vote, 216 to 204, as progress towards ending the U.S.-Saudi trade…

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Franken & Klobuchar call for Human Rights Investigation

After MPP met with our Senators in D.C. re human rights abuses by the government of Ethiopia, they jointly sponsored a resolution calling for an investigation and issued this press release: April 26, 2016 Klobuchar, Franken Condemn Ethiopia’s Lethal Violence Against Protesters The bipartisan resolution calls for the Secretary of State to conduct a review…

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Human Rights violations by Ethiopian Government

Senator Franken co-authored a letter with Senator Klobuchar to Secretary Kerry asking that “the State Department provide recommendations for actions the United States can take to address the escalating violence against civilians in the Oromia region of Ethiopia.” Ethiopia is the 3rd largest recipient of U.S. Foreign Aid despite the fact that the Leahy Law…

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